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Your Comprehensive Guide to Paris+ par Art Basel: More Than Just an Exhibition

Heading to the Paris+ par Art Basel? Or just keeping updated from home? Either of it, here are some tips and guides to help you get the most from this vibrant event:

Eiffel Tower view from grand palais éphémère
Grand palais éphémère : Credit Mathias Reding

As Paris+ par Art Basel nears, Parisian galleries are abuzz with activity, unveiling a myriad of exhibitions to entice collectors and curators. Many of these showcases are set in freshly revamped venues.


1. Venue Highlights: Grand Palais Éphémère

Grand Palais Éphémère: This is the heart of the event. There are 156 galleries at the fair this year. Make sure to check out those galleries here before you go. And for the best navigation experience, download the floorplan.

2. Public Art Across Paris:

  • Jardin des Tuileries: Don't miss 'La Cinquième Saison', curated by Annabelle Ténèze. Look out for grand artworks from Gaetano Pesce, Alicja Kwade, John Giorno, and Zanele Muholi.

  • Place Vendôme: Be wowed by Urs Fischer's 'Wave', a staggering five-meter-high aluminum sculpture.

  • Chapelle des Petits-Augustins des Beaux-Arts de Paris: Experience the enchantment of Jessica Warboys’ ‘THIS TAIL GROWS AMONG RUINS’.

  • Palais d’Iéna: Discover the collaborative brilliance of Daniel Buren and Michelangelo Pistoletto, orchestrated by curator Matthieu Poirier.

  • Parvis de l’Institut de France: Be at the forefront with Sheila Hicks’ groundbreaking sculpture, 'VERS DES HORIZONS INCONNUS'.

3. Conversations & Performances:

  • Curated by Charles Teyssou and Pierre-Alexandre Mateos in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, delve into dialogues to revisit legends like Chantal Akerman and Antonin Artaud. Plus, don't miss the live performances interspersed between the talks, especially by the electrifying Blackhaine. woohoo

  • For those who can't be there, the sessions will be live-streamed on their Facebook page.

4. Digital Experience:

  • Art Basel Stories: A perfect spot for art enthusiasts, offering a closer look at artists, collectors, and gallerists involved in the event.

  • Online Viewing Rooms (OVR): Opening on October 20 at 11 a.m, the OVR will display a myriad of artworks, offering a blend of the tangible fair experience and a digital complement.

5. Citywide Exhibitions:

  • Lafayette Anticipations: Revel in the solo showcases of talents like Akeem Smith and Issy Wood.

  • Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection: Traverse the retrospective universe of American artist Mike Kelley.

  • Centre Pompidou: Witness the coveted Prix Marcel Duchamp with nominated masterminds such as Bertille Bak, Tarik Kiswanson, Massinissa Selmani, and Bouchra Khalili.

  • Palais de Tokyo: Engage with Lili Reynaud-Dewar's intriguing display, 'Hello My Name Is Lili And We Are Many'.

View of gallery Massimo De Carlo
Gallery Massimo De Carlo

Paris  city cafe
Paris City | Photo by Camille Brodard


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