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Art OnO (One and Only) : A New Seoul Art Fair

This month following the upcoming Seoul Art Fair launch by JaeMyung Noh, a prominent young collector from Korea, is set to inaugurate a groundbreaking addition to Seoul's art scene with the launch of Art OnO (Art One and Only). Despite Seoul's existing art fairs, Noh saw a distinct need for a fresh perspective.

At the press conference, Noh addressed inquiries regarding projected sales and notable artworks. However, it's important to note that our fair's essence transcends monetary metrics. Our primary focus is on meticulously curating a top-tier program that showcases both emerging talents and established artists.

Featuring 36 exhibitors, Art OnO boasts a diverse lineup including trendsetting galleries like Ester Schipper and Gallery Baton alongside esteemed names such as CYLINDER and P21. The fair is slated to run from April 19th to 21st at SETEC in Seoul.

JaeMyung Noh Art OnO
JaeMyung Noh, Photo Courtesy Art OnO

There will be 36 galleries participating in the first edition of Art Ono :

  1. A-L (Seoul)

  2. Arario Gallery (Seoul)

  3. ARTSIDE Gallery ( Seoul)

  4. cadet capela (Paris)

  5. CYLINDER (Seoul)

  6. Duarte Sequeira Gallery (Braga / Seoul)

  7. Dvir Gallery (Paris/ Tel Aviv/ Brussels )

  8. Esther Schipper (Berlin/ Paris/ Seoul)

  9. Galerie Chantal Crousel (Paris)

  10. Galerie Zink ( Waldkirchen )

  11. Gallery Baton (Seoul )

  12. Gallery Hayashi+ Art bridge(Tokyo)

  13. Gallery Kabinett (Seoul)

  14. Gallery Shilla (Daegu/ Seoul )

  15. Gallery SoSo (Paju/ Seoul)

  16. GALLERY2 (Seoul / Jeju)

  17. Gana Art (Seoul)

  18. Gathering (London / Echo Cologne)

  19. Jarilager (Cologne / London / Seoul)

  20. KICHE (Seoul)


  22. Lazy Mike (Riga)

  23. Mariane Ibrahim (Chicago / Paris/ Mexico)

  24. Misako & Rosen (Tokyo)

  25. Nicolas Krupp (Basel)

  26. P21 (Seoul)

  27. Pearl Lam ( Hong Kong / Shanghai )

  28. Peres Projects (Berlin/ Milan/ Seoul)

  29. PIBI Gallery ( Seoul)

  30. Seojung Art (Seoul / Busan)

  31. Space So ( Seoul)

  32. Tang Contemporary Art (Beijing/ Hong Kong/ Bangkok/ Seoul)

  33. Theo (Seoul)

  34. Thisweekendroom (Seoul)

  35. Tsutaya Books (Tokyo)

  36. Villazan (Madrid/ New York)


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