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Highlight of One Art Taipei and Voices 2024

The sixth edition of ONE ART Taipei, a leading art fair in Asia, took place from January 26 to 28, at the JR East Metro Park Taipei Hotel. The fair also featured a new exhibition called "Voices" at the historic POPOP Taipei (瓶蓋工廠台北製造所) in Nangang.

ONE ART Taipei 2024 will feature 72 exhibitors, including 41 domestic galleries and 31 international galleries from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and France. Among the participating galleries, 21 are newly joining One Art this time, with 11 of them being international galleries.

The fair showcased a wide range of contemporary art, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and multimedia works. From established artists to emerging talent.

ONE ART Taipei is a major event for the art world in Asia. The fair provides a platform for galleries to showcase their work to a global audience and for collectors to discover new art.

The first academic curation exhibition, 'Voices,' is set to take place in the emerging cultural and creative district, POPOP Taipei (瓶蓋工廠台北製造所). 'Voices' emphasizes a layout without exhibition boards and gaps, aiming to highlight the spirit and thoughts of each artist through thoughtful planning, not confined to the aesthetic value of a single artwork. With various voices and individual expressions, reflecting the trend of contemporary diverse living, art is presented with more intuition and profound beauty, freely showcasing distinctive features.

ONE ART Taipei team hopes to open a new possible chapter for Taiwan's art industry through the curation of 'Voices.'

In contrast to the intricate artworks at the ONE ART Taipei exhibition, 'Voices' focuses more on presenting works in the integration of diverse media such as 'large-scale sculptures,' 'installation art,' and 'sound performances.' Founded on academic curation, 'Voices' invites seasoned curators to plan the exhibition theme with artwork concepts as the axis and academic discourse as the latitude.

Voices One art Taipei
Opening ceremony of One art Taipei and voices 2024
Opening of 'Voices' 2024

Key Highlights of ONE ART Taipei 2024

  • A record number of international galleries will be participating, including 11 galleries that are new to the fair.

  • The fair will feature a wide range of contemporary art, from established artists to emerging talent.

  • The fair will take place at two venues, the JR East Metro Park Taipei Hotel and the Ping-Gai Factory.

Photo credit to Artpreciate

For more details : One Art Taipei


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