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From Paris to Seoul with Baek Seung Soo

In early September of this year, during my visit to Seoul for Frieze and Kiaf, I had the privilege of encountering Baek Seung Soo's artwork for the first time. An instant connection was established as I found myself captivated by his creations. Baek Seung Soo, a Korean artist currently residing in Paris, serves as an assistant to the highly influential contemporary artist, Lee Bae. This introduction to Baek Seung Soo's work marked a profound and enchanting experience, deepening my appreciation for the artist's unique perspective and creative works.

Artwork by Baek Seung Soo Bloom series
Baek Seung Soo's Bloom Series detail
Black minimalist painting
Baek Seung Soo | K-Liz Gallery

I loveee observing the intricate details in these artworks. The rich texture created by the thick layers, the vibrant palette of colors, and even the canvas itself, characterized by a subtle "vintage gold" tone, contribute to an overall nostalgic aesthetic.

Baek Seung Soo's creations evoke a sense of familiarity that resonates strongly with the works of Takesada Matsutani, a prominent Japanese artist associated with the Gutai Art Association—an influential Japanese Avant-garde movement. The profound admiration I have for Takesada Matsutani's art finds parallels in my appreciation for Baek Seung Soo's work, as both artists share a compelling ability to captivate through their respective styles.

Takesada Matsutani at Paris Studio ©Clémence Leleu
Takesada Matsutani | Clémence Leleu
Baek Seung Soo Bloom, 2020  | 55 × 46 × 3.5 cm
Baek Seung Soo | Bloom series, 2020

It was truly a "love at first sight" experience for me. The CEO of K-Liz Gallery introduced me to Baek Seung Soo through this particular painting, and I was instantly captivated. Baek Seung Soo's artistic prowess spans drawing, sculpture, and painting, with a unique touch involving the use of polystyrene material, consistently rendered in black. His method involves intricate processes like burning, cutting, and slicing the polystyrene to sculpt his canvases.

What adds a fascinating dimension to this specific artwork is the incorporation of a subtle teal color, contributing to a harmonious and captivating color palette that resonates throughout his entire body of work.

Baek Seung Soo exhibition in Seoul
Baek Seung Soo | K-Liz Gallery
Beyond the frame Baek Seung Soo exhibition
Fragment (Mono), 2023 | 81 × 65 × 3.5 cm

Through his distinctive vision and dedication to his craft, Baek Seung Soo continues to leave an indelible mark on the art world, inspiring a deep and enduring appreciation for the beauty that can be found within the intersection of form, color, and imagination.

Beyond the Frame exhibition Baek Seung Soo
Baek Seung Soo | K-Liz Gallery


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