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The art world has lost another significant artist- Korean artist Park Seo Bo

I was talking to him just last month during the Frieze-Kiaf Seoul. We were taking photos too. Can't believe that was his last appearance in public. Park Seo-Bo is a prominent figure in modern Korean art and is often recognized as the pioneer of the 'Dansaekhwa' movement.

The artist emphasized three key concepts in Dansaekhwa: the idea of making strokes in painting purposeless and repetitive practices. The evolution of material characteristics through this meditation.

He was a renowned South Korean painter, recognized for his "Écriture" series (starting from 1967), participation in the Korean Art Informel movement, and unique approaches to painting he identified as "Dansaekhwa"

Potrait of Park Seo Bo
Park Seo Bo | Credit : Park Seo Bo Instagram

In February, Park announced on his social media that he had been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. In a press conference the following month, Park shared that he was opting out of treatment.

"I've decided to consider the cancer as a friend and live with it. ... I would not be able to paint if I go through a treatment to cure the disease,” he expressed.

Park Seo Bo was also the first Korean artist who collaborated with Louis Vuitton. Park Seo Bo and Louis Vuitton aimed to capture the essence of the original artwork in their collaboration. Several Zoom discussions and sample exchanges paved the way for this translation.

Park Seo Bo meticulously chose vibrant shades of red and burgundy leather. He underwent numerous trials to perfectly mirror the red maple hue from his original work. The chief objective was to embody the distinct feel and texture of Park’s “Ecriture.”

Red leather bag collaboration of Park Seo Bo and Louis Vuitton
Park Seo Bo Louis Vuitton bag | Credit: Louis Vuitton

Such an insightful and charismatic artist; only last month he was mingling and taking photos with everyone at the Frieze- Kiaf. In just a brief month, he's departed from this world. I'm truly heartbroken. Yet, at the same time, I feel privileged to have witnessed the journey of such a remarkable artist in my era.

Perk Seo Bo in a hospital
Park Seo Bo in hospital | credit Park Seo Bo Instagram

Potrait of Park Seo Bo monochrome
credit : Park Seo Bo Instagram


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