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Discover Art at Chatuchak: A Weekend Market for Art Lovers

Updated: 4 days ago

Thailand has left an indelible impression on me. My best friend and I embarked on a weekend getaway, hoping to savor the last remnants of summer. We chose Bangkok – a place my friend adores. While I've been to Bangkok before, my memories of the city remained vague. As is my habit, I turned to Google to scout for galleries to visit; after all, traveling wouldn't be fun without a gallery visit or two. If someone said in the past that there's nothing much to see in Bangkok when it comes to art, I would definitely agree without hesitation—but what I found today is Bangkok has now come a long way for the art scene to rise exponentially with many art galleries opening up everywhere in the city, talented artists also increase in number.

Me and my friend decided to explore the renowned Chatuchak weekend market. Chatuchak market stands out as one of Bangkok's prime destinations for original artwork. This hub features an array of booths and galleries curated by local artists. From traditional Buddhist depictions to contemporary pop art, and stretching the boundaries of 'abstract', the range of artwork appeals to a broad audience. Venture into the Art Section, the artists most of whom are also happy to work on commissions, painting, or creating the art piece you want. It won’t even cost you much more than an existing piece of work either.

Many of the artists have been established there for decades, making them highly sought-after. However, they are dependable and can reliably complete individual art commissions, even if you request the piece after your visit.

Potrait of Andy Warhol by Tum
Potrait of Andy Warhol by Tum

painting of a woman
Painting of a woman

Chatuchak weekend market
Chatuchak weekend market


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